Sample Text

Magic; Luxury

Using to think there's magic
for all the salt of the earth
real life ethe
real romance
and that dirtcloud the world
straining like gas to become
a beanstalk

Growing up
without real war, what a pity
destruction so civilized, foreign
tolerant of my filmy life
I should get shot
in a galabeya, on an Eskenderia balcony again- what a big head
or boom, boom boom
terrorizing Marioland from the family room
hoarding Indonesian stereos from
garage sale to garbâge sale
baggage for visiting Exotic Country
nothing is ever really broken
takes two hostages to barter
everywhere I go I like to buy shoes
always take extra luggage
I could ignite my laces
I don’t believe in flying

What magical life?
wetting the lap of luxury
out of remorse, never lifted off it
my s oiled third-world ass
my first-kissed butt
why; even cigarettes can be candy
don’t have to be an engineer here
everyone can be santa claus
prepare the creme of yulelogies
for an ethnique xmas
the petit prince, seated
inside and protected
petit penis, folded

in his hand and handed
to me, me
of French class mais oui
unknowingly eating plastic

What luck
I never got killed
is that luck?
I will never kill
I never will love
but I beget, and abort, you bet
regrets regrets regrets
never made it, ah
uphill on jill; ho
never hijacked a plane, oh la
never freed Iraq, mm mm
I rock and roll in my head, b’nah
I don’t have to, d’do, what I want
I ha’have potential, oh blah
I could be president
that would be a miracle
never will I be president

I drive this crisis
by our old, poor white complex
awe gimme a minute
I can’t oh get enough of this weather ...
played with black kids, rented toys, humped the sidewalk when I was seven
tree fort by the highway across from two, stinking, skys raping budweisers
fucking go up to heaven like 9/11
... appealing
the american dreaming
why can’t I eat on the toilet?
why can’t I go without dinner?
I couldn’t, I couldn’t do that
I couldn’t do what I had to
I can’t piss in my sleep anymore
not to be nostalgic
why I was born in luxury
you’re a kid; you’re magic

Ice-Cream-Truck bird

You feel like the trilling of the Ice-Cream-Truck bird
on ungardened summers' eves in Columbus
I want to take you outside
and buy you some

Or the last Ice-Cream-Truck-
of nights',
to peddle the ocean air of these tenements
I wanna run down,
bring up some

your cherry
dark bushes - Queens' sweetly
packed cars
so far - so close from?

notes mazda
and accord
off fords and hondas
tingle your falling asleep
hand for me belle of the Clintonville shingleless veranda


It's that last Ice-Cream-Truck
curbed at the bottomless
driveways where we come from

Of nights',
ampling just up my block?
or your way, way, way up some?

To pleat the slack navy lap of our auroras,
practically idling, forever
between the bordertowns of wild Pennsylvania
you and me state

I wanna drive out,
see you some
break into a grassy, locked private lot
to become possessed at twelve o'clock by the unheard-of, a plural
unpurring flock of Ice-Cream-Trucks
that too, that is what
you feel like the perfectly lost, willfilly still, Ice-Cream-Truck bird
finally seen,
not heard-from

Pirating the Airways
(published in Mizna vol 8 Issue 1)

i i i i \
i ii i \ i …
satellite dishes
they’re just a detail
of the sky
rose gas-tipped trees’ leaves
just a detail of the sky
a hundred flags
just details of the sky

that is 'red flag'
details of the sky
flags on all churches
black steeple
studded details of the sky

Sometimes it’s a night sky, am I right?
a rigid grid of stars
absent of constitution
roller coaster shuttle run away sky
sky black as a pirate flag of
war on horror
at any ordinary St. Genarro or Ohio State fair
t-shirts with shit on them
zeppole ... Zeppelin ... Zarqawi
Sucks Monkey Balls …
two tall, white femurs
forever got
through your thick skull

Sky a-Memorial-Dayed, tombstone gray sky
sky at its grass-most-brilliant
without rain, gray as glass
the green manila that envelops trees, unsealed
what an outing
onto awnings, escapes, billboards green with negligees
sheer, panty-posted, live taken-off sky
sky buttressed by dreams of sex life
which means
everything is you
every diaper baby underwear man bra woman

feel the needs to be human?
pigeon holes in the sky

if, Today, i have to lose myself
let me live after I leap off my building
then bury myself alive
throw myself
on my back
and burrow like a cradle below the trash
like a bird during a dirt bath, best-dusted sky
like a bird dropping
splashed with a silver lining
onto a 1-mill-a-month hundredth floor windowsill
from further still, from a fertile, ass-tilled sky

just because it’s shit
doesn’t mean you have to eat it
everything is natural, in itself

you can’t write
'digging in the mud'
you have to,
go there

what do weeds to concrete
planes unearth the sky

'So now he wanna shit his underpants'
'Oh now he’s got something to say'
'But only in the shower'
that’s the state of the art at its best
where there’s shit, there’s underpants
where there is life, there are mushrooms
clouds, drugs, shitaki and all the rest

want to protect our soil - that’s rich
as sediment in the toilet
            'dank shit'
thank you- as motor oil under a hot Astoria Arab
bitch’s Crown Victoria which used to be a cab-
            'shit stank'
but that ass is tight though, am I right
an innocent
babba’s girl, absent that drab
paisley-covered hijab
with crabs
            'oh hell no how you say that?'
she’s an American, like everybody else

Protect her ass
protect her air
protect her price of living
protect her freedom to unchoose, deliberate, choose, lose
Filene’s flourescent basement-bent sky
protect my two-piece
no-underwear body-glove
members-only mesh
cowboy hat ass with big grandma sunglasses

Living high as the hills, under the table
no paying any bills, higher than capital hill and more untax-able
multi-culti, distilled
Dasanis, Evians, Perriers, Poland Springs
roof BBQ bash sky
flammable, palatable
sky Fourth-of-Julyed!
blowing up each other’s cell phones
pirating the airways
saying 'hi daddy'
maybe getting high
making out against the smoky skyline
only, you’re allowed to do that
playing with your life
dug out in the mud
doesn’t kill you makes you stronger
can’t take that away from you
you can’t tax that

Sand box and sky cutters and scrapers
hoeing a
heavily, heavenly garden of a sky
flesh-and-blood sky
hemorraghing sodom-and-gomorrah sky
sky pregnant with virgins
arms in arm, waiting, mouths open
pirating the airways
finally unmuslined
hair, bosoms, derrieres
crashing preying men into the sides of buildings

            sky butressed by dreams of foreign life
            dreams; which means everything is us
            the snow white us the sports illustrated us the yankee us
            the teepee us the bush us the burnt us the raw us the
            garlic us the lover us the diarrhetic us the hyperbole us
            the trifle us and truffle us the pig us and man us the baby us
            the genetic us having our period, the hormonal us it’s natural
            the werewolf us the homo us the marry-me us the buxom us the
            the maverick us the puck us the fucking you, the fucking me the



That’s where they belong

motherfuckers killed my dad or mom
not gonna understand that
you’re supposed to do that

actions have consequences, trial-by-fire sky
my La Guardia horizon, just a dovetail of the sky

this touching pushy air, just a dovetail of the sky
hair or dog doo or die
Black Flag
bug spray
settling and rising
dovetail of the sky
the death of, a breath of
flesh and fresh air

I’d rather be spoiled
naturalized pejorative details of the sky
goes around comes around of concourse roulette sky
sky buttressed by dreams of foreign life
which means you're everyone
fly me out
spank me
teach me something new tonight
don’t quit
until I get it right
I wanna walk in your panties

everything leaves a mark
I need to see your vantage

what do weeds to concrete
planes unearth the sky